Repairing key damage
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Repairing key damage

I work at a pretty rough school and getting my car keyed is, unfortunately, one of the hazards of the job. It can be a little pricey to get it repaired, but it doesn't tend to be worth it to claim it back from insurance, particularly if it happens a few times a year. Luckily there is a great auto body and paint shop near me which does a really quick and good quality job of fixing the damaged. This blog is all about repairing key damage to a car, and might be handy for someone who needs to get auto damaged repaired quickly.

Repairing key damage

Accident Repairs: The Reasons to Opt For Paintless Dent Removal

Jeremy Fox

Getting involved in an accident, even a minor fender-bender, can result in exorbitant accident repairs for you. Not only do the damaged areas have to be sanded down, but they also require filler as well as a fresh paint job to restore the body of the vehicle to pristine condition. As such, you will find that most motorists will be quite wary about taking their vehicle for auto body repairs. However, what some people do not realise is that you can have an economical solution for your accident repairs. An alternative you could consider is paintless dent removal. This procedure involves the removal of dents from your vehicle without having to resort to paying for a paint job too. The following are some of the reasons why you should opt for paintless dent removal.

Paintless dent removal allows you to retain your original finish

Granted, motorists may not pay much mind to the finish of their vehicle when they are faced with numerous dents on their car, as their primary concern would be ensuring the body is restored. However, in the grand scheme of things, the finish of your vehicle can have a significant impact on the value of the car. If you intend to sell your vehicle down the road, then you would want to fetch the best price for it.

Vehicles with conspicuously visible damage to the body due to telltale paint jobs can decrease the market price of the vehicle. Not to mention that there are some buyers who may place importance on the quality of the original factory finish. If you intend to sell your car, then you may be better suited at opting for paintless dent removal.

Paintless dent removal decreases time spent in the auto shop

Nobody likes being separated from their vehicle for extended periods of time. However, this may be unavoidable, especially if your car has acquired extensive damage. There are numerous processes that will go into accident repairs. The time it takes your mechanic to finish the job will depend on the amount of work that needs to be done. In addition to this, processes such as applying filler as well as painting will take longer, and the mechanic will have to wait for the compounds to dry before the accident repairs can continue.

If you would like to avoid this inconvenience, you should opt for paintless dent repairs. Since all the mechanic is doing is ensuring that the body of the car is restored to its previous condition, the mechanic will be done much faster than if they were engaging in multiple types of accident repairs.