Repairing key damage
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Repairing key damage

I work at a pretty rough school and getting my car keyed is, unfortunately, one of the hazards of the job. It can be a little pricey to get it repaired, but it doesn't tend to be worth it to claim it back from insurance, particularly if it happens a few times a year. Luckily there is a great auto body and paint shop near me which does a really quick and good quality job of fixing the damaged. This blog is all about repairing key damage to a car, and might be handy for someone who needs to get auto damaged repaired quickly.

Repairing key damage

Elements to Consider When Offering Auto Body Repair Service to Millennials

Jeremy Fox

DIY auto maintenance among Millennials is high. This can be attributed to the fact that most Millennials have access to basic vehicle maintenance information on the internet. Consequently, Millennials can conduct necessary repairs on their cars. Therefore, if you run an auto body repair shop, you have to be creative in your auto body services to attract Millennials. This article highlights aspects that you must consider when selling auto body repair services to Millennials.

Personalisation -- Although it is essential to know all your clients on a first-name basis, that alone is not personal enough. The best way to attract Millennials is to understand their tastes and preferences concerning auto body work. For example, during a consultative meeting with a prospective Millennial client, listen carefully to what their hobbies are. If they are into art, then you can use that opportunity to show them some customised artistic body works you did to previous customers. On the other hand, if the prospective client appears to be the minimalist type you can suggest a matte auto body finish. The objective is to understand each client's preferences before they even tell you what they want.

Appeal to Travel Needs -- According to recent research about the travel habits of Australians, 65% of Millennials are likely to make a one- or two-day holiday trip within 12 months. You should take this information into account when offering auto body services. For instance, most modern vehicles come installed with roof racks that can handle only a couple of hundred kilograms. Since Millennials love to travel in groups, the roof racks can succumb to loads with excessive weight. Therefore, you can offer to test the load capacity of a Millennial's roof rack and even suggest a better, more robust option. You should take advantage of every aspect of auto body work that will enhance the customer's travel experience. If you appeal to their travel needs, Millennials are more likely to recommend your services to friends, family and even strangers by giving your firm positive online reviews.

Social Consciousness -- Millennials are the most socially conscious generation around and prefer to work with repair shops that promote both social and environmental awareness. Thanks to readily available information from the internet, many Millennials are familiar with the different types of automotive paints and their effect on the environment. Therefore, Millennial customers might ask you about the kinds of paint you use for your paint jobs. If you use colours containing petrochemical products and thinning ingredients, then some Millennials might pass on your services. If you offer eco-friendly auto body repair services, Millennial customers will likely hold you to a high standard.