Repairing key damage
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Repairing key damage

I work at a pretty rough school and getting my car keyed is, unfortunately, one of the hazards of the job. It can be a little pricey to get it repaired, but it doesn't tend to be worth it to claim it back from insurance, particularly if it happens a few times a year. Luckily there is a great auto body and paint shop near me which does a really quick and good quality job of fixing the damaged. This blog is all about repairing key damage to a car, and might be handy for someone who needs to get auto damaged repaired quickly.

Repairing key damage

Common Types of Smash Repair Paint Protection Techniques

Jeremy Fox

The smash repair process can be grouped into three main stages: surface preparation, bodywork and spray painting. Notably, each step determines the outcome of the next phase. That said, everything that a smash repairer does culminates in the final stage: spray painting. It is why smash repair service providers prefer to protect their paint job. The last thing customers want is to return to a smash repair auto shop with damaged paint. This article highlights common types of paint protection to choose from during smash repairs.

Second Clear Coating

Why would you need another clear coat if a smash repairer has already applied a coat under the paint? Although a single clear coat offers your car essential protection, you need shielding against water and other environmental hazards. Besides, an additional layer on top of the final paint smoothens out any imperfections underneath. Most importantly, the upper coat protects your paint against minor impacts. Moreover, the second clear coat is designed to protect your vehicle against chemical elements that settle on the body, reducing maintenance effort. However, just because your car has a second clear coat does not mean that you should slack on care.

Protective Film

Another option that smash repair shops may propose regarding paint protection is applying a protective film. The film acts like a vinyl wrap, and service providers apply it like a giant sticker. Unlike a clear coating, smash repairers can install a protective film at specific spots on a car. Therefore, the price you pay for a protective film depends on how much protection you need. For instance, if your car's rear and front sections are prone to scratches, you might only need to apply a protective film on these spots. However, if large sections of your car are exposed to dents and dings, you need to protect the entire body with a protective film. The film is robust and durable, keeping future smash repair costs low.

Ceramic Coating

When it comes to paint protection during smash repairs, nothing rivals ceramic coating. Generally, smash repair shops consider ceramic coating the top-tier option for a motorist who wants long-lasting paint protection on their car. However, ceramic coating is a relatively expensive paint protection procedure due to its benefits. For instance, ceramic coating is the only paint protection technique that shields your newly painted car from UV radiation and acid from bird droppings. Since preparing ceramic coatings takes time, you should be patient with a smash repair provider.

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