Repairing key damage
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Repairing key damage

I work at a pretty rough school and getting my car keyed is, unfortunately, one of the hazards of the job. It can be a little pricey to get it repaired, but it doesn't tend to be worth it to claim it back from insurance, particularly if it happens a few times a year. Luckily there is a great auto body and paint shop near me which does a really quick and good quality job of fixing the damaged. This blog is all about repairing key damage to a car, and might be handy for someone who needs to get auto damaged repaired quickly.

Repairing key damage

Two myths about car windscreens

Jeremy Fox

Here are two myths about car windscreens.

Myth: Small chips don't need to be repaired

Many car owners mistakenly think that chips that develop on their windscreens as a result of stones colliding with the glass can safely be ignored indefinitely. This is incorrect and can often result in these drivers having to fork out for much more extensive windscreen repair work eventually.

If a windscreen is chipped in several areas, its structural integrity will not be as sound as that of a windscreen without these chips. This means if that windscreen is struck by a big object (such as, for example, a piece of luggage that falls off the roof of a vehicle in front of that car), there is a very strong chance that it will instantly develop several large cracks or even shatter. When a windscreen shatters or develops multiple cracks, it may either require very expensive repairs or, if the auto repair shop deems it unsalvageable, the car owner might need to pay for a full windscreen replacement.

In contrast, if a car owner who notices a few tiny chips in their windscreen immediately contacts an autobody repair facility and gets these chips patched up, they can have their windscreen's structural soundness restored for a small fee and will be far less likely to experience the shock and expense that could come with their windscreen shattering when they're driving.

Myth: A cracked windscreen can never be repaired in a way that restores its appearance

The other myth about car windscreens is that auto repair shops cannot repair cracks in them, in a way that completely restores the glass's appearance. Whilst, as mentioned above, there are instances in which a severely cracked windscreen cannot be fixed and has to be replaced instead, repair technicians are extremely good at repairing windscreen cracks in a way that makes the damage virtually undetectable.

This is partly due to the specialist materials they use (which include a type of resin that, when applied to a crack in a windscreen, looks almost exactly the same as the glass around it), but also because of the skills that allow them to apply thin and extremely neat layers of resin, in such a way that after it dries, a person would probably only be able to see evidence of the repair work if they were to peer at the windscreen extremely closely.  

For more information about windscreen repair, contact a local auto shop.