Repairing key damage
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Repairing key damage

I work at a pretty rough school and getting my car keyed is, unfortunately, one of the hazards of the job. It can be a little pricey to get it repaired, but it doesn't tend to be worth it to claim it back from insurance, particularly if it happens a few times a year. Luckily there is a great auto body and paint shop near me which does a really quick and good quality job of fixing the damaged. This blog is all about repairing key damage to a car, and might be handy for someone who needs to get auto damaged repaired quickly.

Repairing key damage

What Influences the Cost Estimate for Smash Repairs?

Jeremy Fox

If your car is crashed or damaged in an accident, you should undertake the necessary smash repairs to restore its shape to pre-collision condition.

That said, you need to request a quote for smash repairs before bringing your car to a smash repair shop. Getting your quote beforehand will help you know how much it will cost to fix the damage to the vehicle's body.

The cost of smash repairs does vary, depending on several factors. The top factors determining the cost estimate for smash repairs include the following:

The amount of damage sustained to your car

As with other car repairs, smash repair costs vary depending on how badly damaged your vehicle is. The damage to your car falls into three main categories:

  1. Minor: consists of small cosmetic issues like minor scratches, dents and dings on the vehicle.
  2. Moderate: comprises damage that is more significant than minor damage. It includes deep scratches and large dents.  
  3. Severe: includes structural damage that compromises a vehicle's function. If your vehicle sustains severe damage, have it towed rather than driven to the smash repair shop.

The more severe the damage sustained to your car after a smash, the more you will have to fork out on repairs. In some cases, the cost of a complete panel replacement may be more economical than repairing the existing damage.

The type of car you have

Not all cars are created equal—some, like vintage and luxury cars, have more value than regular cars. As a result, repair costs for your vehicle following a collision will depend on the kind of car you drive.

The more valuable the car is, the more you need to shell out for smash repairs. This is particularly true if you have to purchase new panels for your vehicle.

Where you go to get your car repaired

Smash repairers, also called panel beaters, charge different rates for their labour or services. That is why the cost to repair collision damage to your car can vary depending on your panel beater.

For example, panel beaters who focus on specific car makes and models or do customisation work charge higher rates for their services.

Ready to restore your car to factory condition following a collision? Contact a qualified panel beater to initiate the cost estimation process for your damaged vehicle. Once they send your cost estimate, you will know how much you will be required to pay when picking up your car. 

For more information about smash repairs, contact a local company.