Carwrights can solve all kinds of maintenance issues and we know that quickly repairing problems and continually maintaining the quality of your vehicle will reduce your motoring costs in the future.

Most vehicles that are more than four years old tend to suffer from electronic issues. We can address these for you to ensure that your vehicle will be safe and reliable for your family.

We work with all brands and models, from the small and nippy to those that are more specialist.

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing reduces motoring costs in the long run, enhances the value of your vehicle, which means fuel consumption is always at the optimum level and ensures you and your family have a safe, efficient and reliable vehicle at all times which means you save money in the long run.

Throughout the whole process we will explain everything in a clear and concise way and provide a full mechanical report after servicing so that you can assess your options and we can discuss the next steps.

Air Conditioning

There is a good chance that you have not used your air-con system all winter and when you need it during warmer weather, you find that it is not working very efficiently. It may probably need a recharge so that the system has full pressure.

The manufacturers recommend that you should use the air-con system for 20 minutes at least once a month. This keeps the system fully charged and stops gas leaking past the seals, and it also keeps the system lubrication circulating.

These simple tips will save you time and money in the long run.

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